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    NRN savings account is a highest Interest-bearing saving account especially made for the Nepalese Workers residing abroad and their family members in Nepal can open this account. As this is a privilege account, this account can only hold the deposits that come from abroad via Remittance and Banking Channel.  This account provides the highest interest rate on amongst any type of savings account of the Bank.


    • Minimum Balance:  NPR 10,000/-
    • Eligible Customer:  Nepalese workers Residing abroad and their family members in Nepal.
    • Eligibility of Deposit: Only the Deposit coming from abroad through International remittance or through valid Banking channel.

    Required Documents

    • Valid Passport with Visa (Mandatory: If the Customer resides abroad)
    • Valid Proof of Foreign Employment
    • Relationship Certificate (In case of family members in Nepal)
    • Remittance Vouchers verifying the amount.
    • Account statement of the Bank where the amount is deposit via Swift.