Kamana Smart

Kamana Smart” is a mobile banking application Version V5 that improves the experience of our customers. With enhanced mobile banking systems built into the app, our customers will benefit better. With this official app, they can enjoy easy banking from their personal devices anywhere and anytime and can manage their accounts on the move. Security features will help them remain confident about their transactions. It’s available for download at App Store and Google Play.

  • Mobile App with Dual Channel Access
    The Bank Smart mobile app for customers makes use of the GPRS as well as the SMS channel for connecting with the bank servers. Customers having internet access on their phones (wifi or 2G/3G) can log in to the app and avail the various services. In areas where the internet is not an option, customers can easily switch to the SMS channel to access the available services.
  • Responsive and Interactive Design
    The Bank Smart app features an updated responsive and interactive design that provides an appealing and user-friendly interface to users. This features easy to use navigation menus that will ensure smooth and guided banking operations via the app. 
  • Self-registration for customers
    The new version of the app also features self-registration for customers whereby customers can easily subscribe for mobile banking without having to visit the bank, by filling out an in-app form. Submitting the form promptly registers the customer for the service and allows customers to set their login credentials. 
  • Engaging promotion banners
    The promotional banners in the main login pages can be used to engage customers by allowing them to interact with them. These can now be associated with other web content and social media to help marketing and campaigning efforts produce better results. 
  • Product/Services Info
    Much like a website, the app also provides detailed information about the bank’s products and services which are now instantly available to customers on their mobile phones.
  • Push Notifications
    Push notifications and messages can also be sent using Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) and Apple Push Notifications (APN). Using this feature, the bank can send textual information (notices/ greetings/ alerts) to a customer’s Android/ iOS devices and eventually save the cost previously incurred through SMS based push messages. 
  • Maps Integration
    With the integration of maps, customers using the Bank Smart app can not only locate but also navigate to the bank’s nearest branches, ATM’s and merchant stores instantly and easily.
  • Personalized Features
    Customers can easily personalize the BankSmart app by uploading their own photos in their profile. They can also manage a list of their favorite merchants and accounts for quick payments and transfers respectively.
  • Alerts & Notifications
    All kinds of alerts and notifications can be sent to customers either through GCM/APN or SMS channel.
  • Biometric login security
    The app also combines the latest biometric security mechanism with fingerprint authentication for supporting devices to make BankSmart a highly secure solution.
  • Personalized QR code
    Customers can use the app to generate personalized QR codes via the app that can be shared to other users for making fund transfers on the go without having to disclose account information manually.
  • Fonepay integration
    The app comes pre-integrated with Fonepay network to allow customers to make payments to various merchants with ease. Customers can shop online or buy flight and movie tickets from within the Bank Smart app itself and make instant payments to any of the various merchants accumulated by Fonepay. This feature allows customers to make online payments for a wide range of merchants and services using their bank account in a convenient and secure manner.
  • Account dashboard
    The account dashboard displays all types of accounts maintained by the customer including Current, Savings, Loan, Fixed Deposit and Credit Card accounts. The interactive dashboard allows viewing of all information at a glance and users can personalize their experience by setting up reminders for payments and due dates or share their account information via messaging, viber, messenger etc. on the go.
  • Calendar integration
    Users can set up important reminders and notifications via the app on their Google calendars. In-app notification will ensure no scheduled payments are missed.   
  • QR Code payments
    Customers can use the in-app Scan to Pay facility to easily scan the QR codes presented by merchants and make mobile payments on the go. The merchants can register for the Fonepay program to be able to generate and present unique QR codes to their customers to be able to receive payments directly from Bank Smart users. 
Mobile Banking Charges
Registration Charge 0.00
Renew Charge (after 1 year of service) 200.00
Profile Change 0.00
Password Change 50.00


  • Mobile Banking Transaction Limits:
Features Per Transaction Amount Per Day Transaction Amount Per Monthly Transaction Amount
Mobile Banking(Including QR) 2,00,000.00 2,00,000.00 10,00,000.00
Wallet Load 25,000.00 1,00,000.00 5,00,000.00
Wallet to Bank Account 25,000.00 1,00,000.00 5,00,000.00

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# Per Day Transaction Count: 100 in Total

  • Security Awareness
  • Do’s
  • Change your permanent PIN Code frequently and delete the SMS message from sent item as well.
  • Please inform immediately if you lose your mobile device and contact Bank to de-active the service.
  • Always logout from the mobile app after completion of your desired operation.
  • Please check your Bank statement regularly for reconciliation of transaction.
  • In case of mobile number change, you need to submit written application to block existing number and register new number.
  • Don’ts
  • Don't give your password or PIN Code to anyone.
  • Never provide your password or PIN over the phone or in response to an unsolicited request over e-mail/Instant Messaging Services.
  • Don't use your birth date, telephone number and others as password which is easier for others to guess.
  • Always remember that information like password/PIN etc is strictly confidential and are not known even to employees of the Bank. You should therefore, never divulge such information even if asked for.