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    Looking for a safe and cost-effective vehicle buy option? Think about KSBBL Auto loan. Our auto loan makes it simpler than ever to get behind the wheel of the car, truck, or SUV you need by providing flexible financing options, low interest rates, and simple repayment terms. KSBBL auto loan can make your purchase more affordable and manageable, whether you're searching for a new or used car. Use our financing choices by submitting an application right away to get behind the wheel of your ideal car right away.

    Financing available for

    • Personal car financing
    • Used Personal Car financing
    • Taxi Financing
    • Commercial vehicle financing.
    • Vehicle for Business use.


    • Competitive interest rates.
    • Quick Processing Time.
    • Easy documentation.
    • Personalized service.


    Up-to 50% of financing (Up to 80% for electric vehicles)

    Flexible Loan Tenure (up-to 8 depending upon nature of vehicles

    Loan up-to 15 Million

    Required Documents

    • Copy of Citizenship
    • PP size Photograph (applicable for all).
    • Copy of Quotation of the Vehicle for New Vehicle.
    • Valuation Report from Bank’s approved Valuers for used Private Vehicle.
    • Salary Certificate (for salaried employees).
    • Certified Statement of Income (for professionals).
    • Contracts/ Agreements (for individuals with fixed Income Sources).
    • Registration Document at the concerned Nepal Government Office and Tax Office (for firms/companies).
    • Memorandum of Articles and Association (if Private Limited).
    • Partnership Deed (for Partnership firm).
    • Board Resolution (if Private Limited and Institutions).
    • At least 2 years past audited financials for business income.