KSBBL Visa Debit Card

Features of KSBBL Visa Debit Card

  • Convenience of contactless payments
  • KSBBL VISA Debit Card can be used in any of the ATMs and POS machines displaying VISA Logo throughout Nepal and India.
  • Can be used in ATMs for Cash withdrawal, Balance Enquiry and Mini-Statement of Accounts
  • Can be used in POS terminals for purchase of goods & services from various merchants like departmental stores, hospitals, retail shops and so on.
  • Association with the international brand “VISA Inc.”
  • EMV compliant Chip-based card for secured transaction.
  • 5-years Validity


Eligibility to avail KSBBL Visa Debit Card

  • KSBBL VISA Debit Card shall be available to the individual customer who has maintained local currency account with the Bank. The accounts can be as follows:
  • Saving Accounts
  • Current Accounts
  • Joint Accounts in which operation mode is "Any One Signature" upon request signed by all the account holders.
  • Accounts of Sole Proprietorship Firm in the name of proprietor upon request.


Fees and Charges
Issuance fee First year Issuance Free
  NPR 250/- for remaining years
Re-issuance (for lost cards/damaged) NPR 250/- (for one year)
ATM Card Block Fee NPR 100/-
ATM Card Unblock Fee NIL
Supplementary Card NPR 250/-
Cash Withdrawal and Balance Enquiry in Kamana Sewa Bank NIL
ATM Cash Withdrawal other than KAMANA SEWA Bank. NPR 20
Balance Enquiry within KAMANA SEWA Bank NIL
Balance Enquiry other than KAMANA SEWA Bank NPR 20
Balance Enquiry within Visa ATM in India NPR 50/-
ATM Cash Withdrawal Fee (In India) NPR 250 per transaction
Pin Re-generation NPR 100/-

Note: ATM Cash Withdrawal other than KAMANA SEWA Bank is free for first 2 transaction every month  as per Nepali calendar.

  • Transaction Limits:
ATM Card & POS Limit Within Nepal In India
Per Transaction Limit - ATM NPR 25,000.00 INR 10,000.00
Daily Transaction Limit - ATM NPR 100,000.00 INR 10,000.00
Monthly Transaction Limit - ATM NPR 400,000.00 INR 100,000.00
Daily Transaction Count Limit - ATM 10 10
Per Transaction Limit - POS NPR 100,000.00 INR 100,000.00
Daily Transaction Limit - POS NPR 300,000.00 INR 100,000.00
Monthly Transaction Limit - POS NPR 600,000.00 INR 100,000.00
Daily Transaction Count Limit - POS 10 10
Tap to Pay on POS Rs.2,000 per Transaction  


  • Security Awareness
  • Do’s
  • Please insert your Chip Card on Card Reader and leave the card until and less your transaction is completed.
  • Please read the instructions displayed in the ATM Screen carefully.
  • Please collect cash and card after it is instructed.
  • Always verify the cash before leaving the ATM booth.
  • Do keep the transaction receipt’s with you and verify them with your account statement regularly.
  • Please change your PIN number on regular basis.
  • Don’ts
  • Don't give your password or PIN Code to anyone.
  • Do not perform transactions in presence of others.
  • Do not leave ATM booth before your transaction is complete.
  • Please do not try to remove the card forcefully from the ATM. This may damage the chip on the Card as well as Card Reader.
  • Do not share your PIN number with others.
  • Do not give your card to any other person for any purpose.
  • Do not accept help from any person when using your card in the ATM. If you need any help, please call us at the numbers given below.